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Critics Corner

. The staff were friendly, made great recommendations and had a really great vegetarian variety. Plus there is a lot of food with your entree and really don't need the appetizers. If you found the meat dishes unsatisfactory try the veg menu! Really delicious! Plus, the owner came around and had a conversation with every table. I'd recommend to friends.

. This is a small place but the food was fantastic. The waitstaff was very nice and helpful with explaining the different dishes and the margaritas are fantastic with fresh fruit. I will definitely go again.

. PK goes to the market every day and only uses the freshest of ingredients. He does not use preservatives or MSG in his food preparation. The fajitas sizzle and smell so great when they reach your table. I love their margaritas and I think they make the best sangria in town.

. I was craving margaritas & Im a huge fan of mexican food so I went to try this place out. I walked in the place & I was greeted very nicely. I sat on a table & I asked for a bigger table as I am a big guy with long legs so I requested it & they didn't hesitate to give me comfort. The waitress introduced herself and that impressed me because not a lot of restaurants do that when it is super busy. They asked me if I'd like to start with some fresh guacamole. I asked for a small size & it came with chips and this amazing salsa that I now stay craving. It really made me feel like I was in my hometown. It started getting busy and the service was still incredible. My girlfriend is a vegetarian & she was so impressed that they had a menu just for vegetarians. She ordered the vegetable fajitas. She really enjoyed it. I had the Rib Eye Steak fajitas & the steak had so much flavor in it. It was perfectly cooked. I was so satisfied with everything. The fajitas just livened up the whole night. The owner came around when we were almost finished eating & he was so sweet. He gave us a Flan on the house. Now Im a big baker and i've never tried flan as incredible as this. The creaminess was just perfect. I asked the owner what the recipe was and he told me it was a secret hahaha. Well, I overall would give this restaurant a 4.5 because everything was great it was just the decor that didnt shock me. I really had a great time though.

. Being close to the center of Time Square yet away from the big crowd is just a bonus to this Mexican restaurant! The freshly made guacamole soothes you while the zing of the salsa gets you into the Mexican atmosphere along with the music that makes you feel as if you were truly in Mexico. On those cold winter days, the chicken tortilla vegetable soup is the perfect way to warm up in this cozy little place as it also prepares you for this marvelous meal. The enchiladas are a MUST have; the enchilada sauce creates a flavorful taste that will light up your taste buds! The large variety of fajitas arrive to your table still sizzling as your mouth waters awaiting the first bite; very tasty and you have the choice of wheat tortillas! The chile rellanos are cooked to perfection with any stuffing you choose (swordfish is odd for this but makes creates a brilliant stuffing!). Never liking flan, this creamy dessert had me yearning for more with the fresh fruit covering it. Mi Nidito's is a vegetarian-mexican heaven with it's wide variety of vegetable friendly meals. Beverage wise, the homemade Sangria gives off a refreshing taste (probably the best I've ever tasted). The 25 flavors of Margaritas can leave you partying all night long! They are not too strong and surely not weak, but rather the perfect combination to assist your meal. Overall, Mi Nidito's is fresh, authentic Mexican food that I suggest you not pass up. The service is extremely friendly and very welcoming. The owner is an all around great guy who cares very much about his customer's satisfaction. For being in business for 26 years, Mi Nidito's still has that Mexican kick. Keep up the good work, and being expecting a visit from us next trip to New York. Fantastico!

. This is an excellent spot! Every year when we go to New York this is our first stop for restaurants. Excellent portion sizes, very fresh food, good ingredients, excellent flavour. Very courteous service all three times we have been there. Cozy relaxing atmosphere. Will definitely return as we do every year...missing it already! Definitely just give it a try.

. Mi Nidito has a FANTASTIC vegetarian menu with Rennet-free cheese, a rarity in restaurants. The food is incredibly fresh and flavorful. The owner and his staff are kind, generous and attentive. Plus, I fell in love with Margaritas again.

. We had an early dinner last Friday and it was a wonderful experience. The meal was prepared with fresh, nutritious ingredients that made you feel good! As for dessert, the flan was the creamiest we've ever had. The young waitress was very competent and friendly, and the music uplifting. Absolutely Worth the mid-range prices. We will return even though it is far for us.

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